What is the best IP camera software?

Free IP camera software turns a PC into a security system
in your home or office.

IP Camera Software can keep eye on your home, office, parking area, or anywhere you have an IP camera.
View video from multiple cameras simultaneously. What ip camera software is the best?
New video surveillance systems based on P2P optimized with SVC according to network condition.

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Video surveillance software plays a central role in the video surveillance system. It allows the user to monitor real-time videos, record, store and playback recorded files.

IP camera recording software supports motion and object detections. It can be compatible with smart phones with access control. The more cameras and the higher the resolution of the cameras requires more disk srorage and the higher the performance.

IP cameras also have additional options that AHD cameras don't have, such as computer vision with mobile alerts and automatic video recording if there is motions. This is useful if you want to know if someone is moving inside the office or your home. You can configure VMS to flag events like this and send notifications directly to your smartphone along with recorded video footage. VMS caters to all classes of users including Chief Security Officer, System Administrators, Security Guards, Branch Managers, Remotely Working Managers, IT Managers, etc.

Key Functions of Video Surveillance
Installation IP cameras helps not only to prevent crimes due to visual control but also to charge criminals using the video recorded by cameras.

· P2P remote control from IP cameras through Internet on any device
· Safety of people
· Prevent thefts and damage of goods .

Producers of Video Surveillance Systems
FLIR, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Web Camera Pro, SuperVision, Axis, Samsung, HyperVision, Avigilon, Panasonic, SmartVision.

Home Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Equipment
There are 2 types of cameras used for video surveillance - Analog (AHD, TVI) and IP (Internet Protocol) digital cameras.

Analog cameras: Analog cameras usually have resolution than IP cams and requires coaxial cable connections to a DCR for saving video. With the DVR, the video can be viewed on a monitor in real-time. Analog cameras are less expensive than IP cameras, and you can find the camera for your needs at a lower cost than IP cams. You also will save the bandwidth that IP cameras take up.

Digital cameras: IP cameras have higher resolution, but use more bandwidth to broadcast and require more hard disk space. IP Cameras connect to a VMS software.

There is no limitation to where cameras can be placed in relation to the NVR, and wireless network provides remote connection. However, Wi-Fi cameras raise the problem of potential hacking. But, the data can be encrypted and it is important to know the security options of your IP stream.

List of Video Surveillance Systems
AFA Protective Systems
The company offers analog, IP and hybrid solutions.

IP cameras and wireless cameras that are night-vision-enabled and can be monitored from a mobile device.

Brickhouse Security
Brickhouse Security's offerings are systems that come with several cameras.

Dome and bullet-style cameras, and monitors to view your system.

Indoor and outdoor cameras equipped with night vision and audio capabilities. The cameras connect through Wi-Fi to smartphone or cloud server and do not utilize a video recorder.

Indoor and outdoor cameras, including plug-and-play IR cameras.

IP cameras and hybrid video recorders allows you to build video surveillance system to your precise specifications.

Home Security Camera
Free IP camera software for home users


DIY customizable kits for both NVR and DVR systems

Dome IP cameras, an outdoor bullet IP camera and one mini-dome camera.
Network video recorder with the use of a PoE switch.

Wide array of video surveillance systems and components. IP cameras and HD NVR and DVR systems can be tailored to specific requirements.

IP dome cameras and the tabletop SmartCam.

High-tech IP cameras with advanced functionality, as well as traditional AHD cameras with lower resolutions.

This system can handle up to thousands of cameras across a number of locations.

Cloud video storage system eliminates the need to save footage locally.

Choice for small business owners who are looking for a simple, affordable and adaptable video surveillance system.

All-in-one video surveillance system is extremely cost-effective.

Wireless security and monitoring system that is ideal for a very small, budget-conscious business or a home.

Protects every inch of your property 24/7 with emergency dispatch and instant alerts for break-ins, power outages, leaks and dangerous temperature changes.